Puro Latex 100 Mattress

Πολυζωνικό στρώμα PURO LATEX 100

The earth's gift of tropical rubber trees provides you with the comfortable and restful sleep you need. Thanks to the 7 different support zones, it relieves your body of pressure, for better blood circulation. Its perforated surface offers you ideal ventilation, preventing the growth of microbes, fungi and mites. Available with a washable cover from ΤΕΝCEL® fabric, made with natural wood fibers.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1: μη τοξικό και υποαλλεργικόΑίσθηση Στρώματος 3 - Μέτριο - Snoozemattress

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Multizone Latex® Mattress
(Φυσικό Καουτσούκ)

Latex is often called "white gold". It is a liquid found naturally in rubber trees, which neutralize up to 90 million tons of CO 2 annually. These trees have a inexhaustible source of natural raw material and they can produce it for up to 25 years.

Το λατέξ δεν περιέχει επιβλαβείς ουσίες και είναι πιστοποιημένο σύμφωνα με τους πιο αυστηρούς κανόνες Oekotex Class 1 . H σειρά στρωμάτων Latex 100 φέρει την FSC label . All natural latex used comes from sustainably managed plantations, with respect for the environment and workers. This range is part of our sustainability program.

In these plantations, for every tree removed, a new sapling is planted. FSC also represents the transparency : the origin of each Latex mattress core can be traced back to its tree, through control organizations such as the Rainforest Alliance.

We apply principles of Sustainable Latex Foam Production, relying entirely on the natural advantages of latex for our products. Do not need chemicals anywhere along the production line. 

The production of our latex foam is done in energy saving machines  and all water used is part of one closed loop water circuit . Every drop is recycled in our own water purification plant and we do not use drinking water for industrial purposes. And the "waste" latex, they are recycled internally and externally and reused in new products.

The end result of this meticulous production process, is a Multi-Zone Natural Rubber Mat, from sustainable natural resources of the trees of Guatemala, the eco-friendly Mayan state in Central America. Fully recyclable, with almost zero carbon footprint. It is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

An extremely ergonomic mattress ideal for flexible bases (reclining mechanism) of beds. Resistant to dust mites, with long life and little to no loss of hardness and height. Quiet when turning the body and with perforation that allows optimal air flow to enjoy an exceptionally comfortable sleep. 

Finally, the specially designed surface with multi-zone engraving, to offer you gradual support in every part of your body. This way the blood circulates better, thus relieving you of the pressure. 




Tencel® Fabric

Ύφασμα Τencel
  • Cooler than linen
  • softer than silk
  • more absorbent than cotton

…Just as in a dream!

For the Tencel® fabric, we were inspired by the miracles of nature. Τhe fiber is extracted from the raw material wood, make it eco-friendly as well.

Συνδυάστηκε επιπλέον με απαλή μάλλινη βάτα καπιτονέ.





Selected light colored 100% virgin sheep wool with special hygienic treatment. 

Natural sheep wool has the ability to warm as needed. It breathes, because it accumulates any moisture created during sleep and expels it naturally without sweating. 

It gives a unique feeling of sleep. The structural construction of sheep's wool creates a naturally hypoallergenic environment.


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Latex, Ύφασμα Τencel

Height (cm)

12, 20


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